Submission Guidelines

This Blog is a labor of love, a grassroots effort staffed solely by volunteers. We wish to give everyone an equal opportunity to be featured, but our limitations are obvious. So, the best way to get our attention is to comment often. Use the comment field to your full advantage. Show us your best writing. If you do that, it won’t be long before one of us asks you for work.

If, however, inspiration strikes and you craft a piece of writing that people must read — This is it! This is your magnum opus! — email it to us.

Please insert the text into the body of the email since attachments will only add steps, clutter up hard drives, and slow things down further. We will do our best to read your work and respond, but it may take a bit longer than all of us are comfortable with. Our apologies, in advance.

One final word regarding comments:

The content of this site may become controversial. We are airing out emotionally hot political topics, often dealing with matters of life and death. As humans, our passions sometimes get the better of us. We fly off the handle. We say and write things we shouldn’t.

It is our hope we can avoid this kind of unproductive mudslinging. We wish to keep the discourse on the level of a successful university classroom: intense conversations by serious people engaged in politely.

In that spirit, no personal attacks will be permitted.

Other than that, we are open to all voices. We want to hear what you think and feel about our core issues.

  • the dangers of nuclear weapons and work for nuclear disarmament and nuclear abolition
  • the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with particular focus on the billions of dollars spent on the wars instead of on social and community programs
  • the erosion of civil liberties, focusing particularly on the importance of ending the U.S. use of torture
  • military counter-recruitment, and working toward non-violent resolution of international conflicts

Remember, the artistry of debate is not in how soundly you beat your opponent. The artful outcome is for both sides to walk away with errors uprooted.  This allows for all parties to make adjustments, to correct the misunderstandings in their personal theories, to gain a more refined sense of a truth.

It is our sincere hope that NJ Peace Blog will serve as a forum for this continued honing—a place to develop a more complete understanding of our flawed civilization, and propose radical solutions to our most pressing human problems.


The Staff


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